Every few weeks, on the way home from her downtown Manhattan office, Rebecca Weinreich stops in at a club in TriBeCa. The airy space is outfitted with comfortable velvet sofas and a large crystal chandelier. Upon arrival, members like Ms. Weinreich are offered a flute of chilled prosecco or a freshly prepared latte.

The focus of the club isn’t, as one might think, networking or relaxing. Instead, members come to the Wax Club on Chambers Street for hair removal, paying $89 each month, plus tax and gratuities, for unlimited depilatory services.

While the salon also offers services on a pay-as-you-go basis, around 30 percent of its clients pay for the monthly membership, which is billed automatically to their credit cards. Ms. Weinreich is one of more than 250 clients who have become members since the Wax Club opened in June.

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